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Monopoly: Nintendo Edition finally fixes a long-standing issue

For a long time now, the official Nintendo edition of Monopoly had Link's sword listed as Zelda's sword. Thanks to this pic from MattMagician, we can now see that the proper name has been given. I guess that makes the original a collector's item!

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24 Dec 2012 13:38

I think mine says Zelda's Sword. I don't know, I'm too lazy to go find it right now.
User avatar
24 Dec 2012 13:43

And yet they didn't change 'Pikmin's Rocket' into 'Olimar's Rocket' or even 'The Dolphin'. Huh.
No Avatar
24 Dec 2012 13:54

Poopaloop wrote:And yet they didn't change 'Pikmin's Rocket' into 'Olimar's Rocket' or even 'The Dolphin'. Huh.
No Avatar
24 Dec 2012 14:04

I refuse to buy this game because of how lazily it was created. Monopoly is a game about buying property and there are plenty of Nintendo locations they could have used: Hyrule, Mushroom Kingdom, Yoshi's Island, Rainbow Road, etc. But instead they just slapped Nintendo characters like Mario and Yoshi onto the spaces on the board. What am I buying, people? Are they my slaves? And how does putting houses on top of them make sense? Is that the little slave quarters they live in? They've insulted my intelligence by thinking I would only recognize the characters themselves and not the worlds they live in. Even if people didn't recognize the locations, seeing them on the board would then educate them as to what the locations are. They've assumed the consumer is completely braindead. "No one will know what Mushroom Kingdom is, just put Mario in the square!" This is what I think whenever I see this game in the store.
User avatar
24 Dec 2012 14:25

Pikmin's Rocket... seriously? still?
User avatar
24 Dec 2012 18:05

They still are missing Star Fox in the newest one... Not happy about that one.
User avatar
25 Dec 2012 01:16

I have an old one with completely different pieces. I think it has Iron Boots for Zelda.
User avatar
26 Dec 2012 02:56

Agreed. Nintendo Monopoly was almost depressingly underwhelming.

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