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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate may get keyboard support

There are quite a few people that would like to see keyboard support for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Capcom knows that the calls for this inclusion are out there. While they haven't confirmed that this will happen, we at least know that the idea is under consideration.


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User avatar
27 Dec 2012 14:02

Eh, the Gamepad will act as one so I'm not going to bother this time around.
No Avatar
27 Dec 2012 14:19


My thoughts exactly. Plus there's the keyboard battery issue. I guess this will be good for people that will strictly use the Pro controller and hate the voice chat feature.
User avatar
27 Dec 2012 14:56

I like the idea of them allowing this though I'm not sure I'll use it.
No Avatar
27 Dec 2012 16:00

Wait, what? I thoguht keyboard support was a given. Used it all the time in Tri.
User avatar
27 Dec 2012 16:20

Shouldn't this be a given? It was in Tri... This -needs- to be supported. Gamepad wont cut it for chat... it's no iPad. no multitouch...

Why isnt this in already??
User avatar
28 Dec 2012 02:49

gamepad would be way to slow for battle typing, would use it to set up a bunch of pre-sets, and thats pretty much it... batteries for a usb keyboard?!? wireless keyboards and mice are uberlame =D

i duno how i feel about voice chat, it'd prolly work real well because its only 3 other people and not a room of 12 or so. i dont understand why anyone would use the "pro" controller, loose whatever extra functions on the gamepad screen would be lame, even if its just to assign quick keys or full map, the less things on a MH HUD the better.

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