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The story behind the Tank! Tank! Tank! kid

Want to know why my cousin's kid freaked out and cried over Tank! Tank! Tank!? Here's a comment from his dad on how the whole situation went down.

"We were on vacation in Disney World when we were hit with a particularly rainy day. I brought them down to the resort's arcade, and they played Tank! Tank! Tank! for hours, literally. Reese and his brother are 7 and 5 so the ability to take photos of themselves in odd costumes, the bright colors and the rumbling of the arcade really got them hooked."

In other words, the story is even better than we thought! Check out more comments from the Dad here.

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User avatar
27 Dec 2012 15:05

I remember when I was around his age and I got a NES with Mario/Duckhunt for Christmas. I was VERY happy.
User avatar
27 Dec 2012 17:27

There, all the folks in the other thread were b****ing for no reason. Now I'm sure this kid will enjoy a convenient version he can play at anytime.
User avatar
27 Dec 2012 17:32

This really shows that the value of a game depends on what you want out of it. This will give these kids endless hours of age appropriate fun that will always remind them of that Disney trip.

One of my favorite Wii games was Ghost Squad. Not because of great graphics or meaningful story. It was my favorite because I remembered playing it in a local arcade with friends and having a blast. Even though the wii version didn't come with "realistic" machine guns to shoot with we still had fun with it at home.
(still love the victory "handshake")
User avatar
27 Dec 2012 22:59

They're in the proper age for that game! :) it's simple but kids will appreciate it
User avatar
28 Dec 2012 07:26

Tank! Tank! Tank! Could have been a mega hit had it been online with full Miiverse support.

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