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Xeno Chron 3D review

SR - Home Alone 2

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Parents Play: MM3

Japan - Arc System Works' 3DS eShop sale

These titles will be on sale until Jan. 6th in Japan...

Escape Adventure Girl of the Old School Building – 600 yen (14% off)
Falconry King – 500 yen (29% off)
Okiraku Kart 3D – 350 yen (30% off)
Otegaru Puzzle Series: Alice to Mahō no Trump – 350 yen (30% off)
ARC STYLE: San Goku Shi Pinball – 500 yen (29% off)
ARC STYLE: Women’s Soccer! ! 3D – 350 yen (30% off)
ARC STYLE: Simple Mahjong 3D – 350 yen (30% off)
Carefree Millionaire 3D – 200 yen (33% off)


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