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29 Dec 2012 10:34

Well, as a great Mega Man fan (have been playing this games since the NES era), i have seen the blue bomber and company in different games and genre, and that was not the bad thing.

Capcom literally took this series and burn it with oversaturation. The Mega Man X saga was meant to end after X5, so the story could move to the Zero saga, but Capcom released X6 to X8, which are considered the worst games of that particular series.

In the Battle Network saga, i believe Capcom overextended the saga too much, with the last 3 games been unnecesary (well, that's my opinion. Sorry BN fans). And don't make me talk about Battle Chip Challenge...

I agree with Jonathan (the guy from the video) that Legends saga was a little ahead of its time, and as far as "spin-off" goes, that series is one of the best in the MM universe.

While Mega Man 9 & 10 were really good additions to the series, Capcom really need to try to make a new saga with a new story and some new elements. That way, the series can florish again. Oh, and finish Legends 3 in the process =)

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