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- run a videogame development studio
- manage different aspects of running a studio
- this includes income, what genres you work on, team sizes and so on
- based on Circle Entertainment’s own experiences

“In this game, you play a role of the Triangle company, which sells game on the cShop. Every staff member in the game is real, and we also invited a few CEOs from other videogame developers to be part of it, such as Julio Moruno (Enjoy Up), Ivo Wubbels (Engine Software), Roderick Franklin (SDGT), Kou (FHW Japan), Peter Moraliyski (Moragami), and Hugo Smits (Goodbye galaxy games). They all get special abilities in the game.” - Circle Entertainment CEO, Chris Chau

- projects can be in different genres
- choose what genre a project is in and the scope of the game as well
- smaller games can be completed quicker with relatively fewer staff members
- manage your studio’s finances
- income for your studio comes in every 12 weeks
- costs come from paying your staff their salary and keeping the studio running
- delaying the development of your game or not assigning your staff to projects during working hours will burn through your capital very quickly
- when you delay the development of a game, you’ll need to watch your staff’s stress level
- allow for a break at the end of a project to relieve stress
- improve the office environment by implementing facilities like a coffee machine or adopting a cat
- you’ll be given the opportunity to expand your studio, recruit more staff members, and develop more games at a time
- this means having to pay more developer salaries
- indie developers will begin to contact you to see if you’re interested in their proposals
- have a chance to invest in and publish their games
- receive email from people who have played your games that can be both positive and negative
- email examples:

Subject: Keep working!

I wish I could play more games from Triangle!

Subject: Stop!

Congrats! Yet another boring waste of my time, your company has now been added to my blacklist!

Subject: Long time no hear

Wow! It’s been quite a while since we’ve received any news from you guys, when can we expect a new title?


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8 total comments (View all)
User avatar
31 Dec 2012 16:58

So it's like Game Dev Story on iOS?
User avatar
31 Dec 2012 17:40

OmicronTurtle wrote:So it's like Game Dev Story on iOS?

Sounds like it (although the game is also on Android, iOS isn't the only mobile platform out there). Didn't see what system it's coming out for but I did enjoy Game Developer Story.
User avatar
31 Dec 2012 20:31

So I'm guessing this is for 3ds eShop? I didn't think people made DSi games anymore.
User avatar
31 Dec 2012 22:33


Then you don't pay attention on a weekly basis.
User avatar
01 Jan 2013 09:21


DSiWare games come out every week. It's been that way since 2009. Someone thinking DSiWare games aren't made anymore just isn't paying attention. It's not harsh to say that.
User avatar
03 Jan 2013 06:48

WesFX wrote:@Autosaver

DSiWare games come out every week. It's been that way since 2009. Someone thinking DSiWare games aren't made anymore just isn't paying attention. It's not harsh to say that.

Ahaha, alright then. I haven't been paying much attention to the DSi side of things (probably since I never had a DSi, and never really checked out the DSi part of the 3DS eshop) but now I know!

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