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REPORT - Overall UK games market down 17.4% in 2012

The ERA has said that the UK video games market declined 17.4 per cent to £1.598bn in 2012.

Those numbers include both physical and digital sales.

By contrast, music was down just 5.5 per cent and video 10 per cent. The overall entertainment market decline was 12 per cent, with games very much standing out as the worst performer.

Full report here

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02 Jan 2013 14:39

We just aren't buying as much as we used to here :(

Thats why I wouldn't put much stock in system sales here. I don't think the uk market is as big for games anymore. The only games people really buy in droves here is fifa and call of duty.
User avatar
02 Jan 2013 14:45

An album is around GBP10, a new release DVD/Blu-Ray is around GBP15/20, a cinema ticket is around GBP10-15 but a new release video game is around GBP40.

It's buy far the most expensive entertainment media so it's no surprise it took to biggest hit.
User avatar
02 Jan 2013 18:35

We also hit 1 billion in terms of digital sales [games, music etc.] in 2012 too.
User avatar
02 Jan 2013 19:44

I dont know why anyone would expect the industry to be as profitable as it was when the wii and ds were at their prime. I just feel its levelling back to realistic numbers.

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