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Fire Emblem: Awakening
Tomoya Asano, Producer, Square Enix

A new spin on an old series, beautifully done. The marriage system is truly effective. It’s a really fun game, and the DLC opened up a host of new possibilities.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Hiromichi Tanaka, consultant, GungHo Online Entertainment

Just overwhelmingly full of content. This is what Nintendo is capable of when it gets serious! The online element has changed from previous installments, advancing enough to allow huge numbers of fellow players to communicate and interact. I wonder if Nintendo have finally turned a corner in their approach to online integration.

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy
Takumi Iguchiya, Director, Arc System Works

I thought the ‘brave’ and ‘default’ system was marvellous. To be perfectly frank, I’ve avoided Square Enix games up until now. It might be that I’ve always rooted for the underdog, but I always thought of them as games for middle schoolers, or those stuck in that mindset.

I can only apologise. The strategic, yet easy to understand battle system, combined with the wealth of character customisation options, is great fun. With well-paced boss battles and exciting ability unlocks, the motivational cycle between character development and battling is brilliantly matched. And I think Idea-chan is cute!

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02 Jan 2013 15:26

Oh good, three games on my most wanted list for 3DS. I have my money ready, now all they have to do is release them.
User avatar
02 Jan 2013 15:43

I like how they use a screenshot of Path of Radiance to showcase Awakening.
User avatar
02 Jan 2013 16:05

Looking forward to all three of them!
User avatar
02 Jan 2013 18:30

Love how all of them have yet to come out anywhere in the west yet! :P
User avatar
02 Jan 2013 19:30

User avatar
03 Jan 2013 02:24

I'm glad to see that the people working on FFXIV like GW2 a lot. This could be good for them. Also the fact that Takayuki Katsuro likes XCOM: Enemy Unknown also took me off guard but I find that really cool.

I think its cool that they're not scared to try other games that are from the west that don't fall into the stereotype.

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