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Code of Princess hitting Europe via 3DS eShop only

No retail release for Code of Princess in Europe. The title will be eShop only, confirmed by Agatsuma Entertainment.

Thank you very much for your interest in our title; Code of Princess!
Yes, we will be releasing the title as OUR title through Nintendo eShop ONLY.
We are still working on. So, please be patient. Thank you very much for your interest, again!


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User avatar
07 Jan 2013 16:19

Not really a big issue, is it?
User avatar
07 Jan 2013 16:39

Not at all, and not surprising either if I'm honest, glad to see Atlus finally coming back to the UK though <3
User avatar
07 Jan 2013 16:45

Oh sh*t.

And here we go, we're back to the SNES days when all sorts of absolute masterpieces never saw the light of day in Europe even if they were released in the US.

That's very disapointing to say the least. I mean it's good that they at least think of alternate solutions to release this but I was really counting on a retail release.

Well at least we get some kind of release, I guess I should be happy with that. And see Atlus, I'm definitely going to buy that so you know what to do with Etrian Odissey 4 and the other zillion of awesome games we all know you're not going to release in Europe for the rest of the 3ds lifespan.

We knew the future of the console was going to depend a lot on Japanese games being localized but honestly the future of the 3ds has never looked so bad.
User avatar
07 Jan 2013 16:58

Well at least we get it. I like retail better myself, but it is still better than nothing! :)
User avatar
07 Jan 2013 17:05


that's not atlus, that's agamatsu and honestly it's not a bad thing because atlus is not even looking into these kind of solutions for their own games
User avatar
07 Jan 2013 18:00

I'm glad they're making good use of the eShop.
User avatar
07 Jan 2013 18:57

Will this mean it'll be cheaper then £40 as I was under the impression that price point was not to upset the retailers
User avatar
07 Jan 2013 20:07

Well, feck...
I'm glad it's coming and all, but a retail box and manual would have been nice.
Oh well, just glad to be getting it at all, though really does look like I'll have to import the art book and cd that came with the US copy, haha.

Hold the phone. Does anyone know if this means we're only getting the Japanese version, or is the possibility of the dub version likely?
User avatar
10 Jan 2013 10:01

Yup, looks like I'm skipping this title. Before anyone gets angry at me, I do realise that it's not like they wanted to make it DD Only, obviously companies would like to do physical releases, but it's not always an option. However, I'm not going to pay more for a game when other regions get the physical copy and cool bonuses with it.

However, I'm glad that it is getting released on the eshop so that people who really want to play it, will have access to it.

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