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Injustice: Gods Among Us will feature obscure characters as well, says Boon

“You’ll definitely see some of the more obscure – or lesser known and more interesting – ones. When you have twenty-something characters you can really go deep into the roster.” - Ed Boon

I'm sure some of the game's roster will be left a secret until launch. Maybe some of the lesser-knowns will be hidden away for gamers to uncover on their own.


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User avatar
08 Jan 2013 16:55

Blue Beetle. Green Martian! Make it so! An it will be a Justice League for me :D
User avatar
08 Jan 2013 17:11

... as long as they're from Batman.
User avatar
08 Jan 2013 17:32

Green Martian? What?

But seriously, he's probably talking about Swamp Thing, Animal Man, and whoever else all of those teases were talking about. Unless he was talking about Bane and Lex Luthor...
User avatar
08 Jan 2013 17:58


Yeah. I'm a big JL fan and since I can't imagine there will ever be a game for it, I want this to be as close as possible!
User avatar
08 Jan 2013 19:38

I'm calling horse crap. Literally all the villains are Batman Characters...before and one goes DUR, LEX LUGOR I MEAN LUTHOR IS A SUPERMAN VILLIAN DUR! He featured as a very prominent character in the Batman universe as well. Though you basically only see the business man side of lex.
User avatar
08 Jan 2013 22:46

I say Plastic Man is the best bet for this game

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