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- Government and intellectual workers are high ranking Luxuries
- farmers and traders are low ranking Casualties
- Luxuries seem to treat Casualties poorly,
- when one of the Casualties is chosen to be a Samurai, they become one of the Luxuries
- Many Casualties admire the Samurai
- “The Eight Legions Union Asura Assembly” protect people from threats by negotiating with demons
- a sanction that prevents forgiveness is imposed on those who don’t approve of this method
- the “Cult of Gaia” carry a survival of the fittest mentality
- they are hostile toward The Eight Legions and disapprove of their methods


Tayama (CV: Houchuu Ootsuka) – Leader of the Eight Legions Union Asura Assembly. He is worshipped and feared by the masses.
Kaga (CV: Kahoru Sasajima) – A member of the Cult of Gaia. She has a strong and brave personality, and is fighting aginst the Asura Assembly.
Black Samurai (CV: Atsuko Tanaka) – A mysterious person who appears before the hero. She is familiar with the roads of Tokyo and East Mikado.


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