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Fan-Art - What a Pokemon Center might look like on Wii U

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11 Jan 2013 05:56

UGH. Unreal Engine 3. Dat bloom. Dem jaggies. Dat horrific art style.

User avatar
11 Jan 2013 06:54

Probably has jaggies because he wanted to demonstrate how it would look on WiiU so he had AA off.

Cool art but Id rather keep pokemon cartoony since its a game for children.
User avatar
11 Jan 2013 07:25

@KingBroly Yeah, last gen with PS360 was bad enough really - a fair chunk of the games, regardless of genre, looked too similar [it's why this gen, I really hope devs use more of their own custom engines than just rely on that one].

Cel-Shaded suits Pokemon to a T - no stylized 'realism' please. There's been plenty of attempts at that [as aforementioned] already.
No Avatar
11 Jan 2013 11:07

I agree that cel-shaded works better for Pokemon games. This looks more like concept art for what I'd want a big-budget Hollywood live-action adaptation of Pokemon to look like, but I don't think it'd be so great as far as actual games, mainly because I'm having a hard time thinking of how the Pokemon would look to fit this art style.

That said, it's great work on it's own merits.
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11 Jan 2013 12:16

Pokemon Effect

I really like it actually
No Avatar
11 Jan 2013 13:08

oh droooooooooools
great little details

love it! art style fits in with teh coliseum games especially revolution

i guess the next battle pokemon game can have these visuals easily no problem
User avatar
11 Jan 2013 14:49

If it didn't say in the title, I wouldn't know it was a Pokémon centre. Nice job though!
User avatar
11 Jan 2013 15:20

Corpse Run Comics - Good

Something that actually takes effort - Bad

Jesus GoNintendo...
User avatar
12 Jan 2013 07:56

Interesting. I like that he thought to do it. For some reason though, i don't think that much of it.

If folks like though, it's all good.

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