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GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Please be kind to your fellow gamer

I want to start this off by saying that I don't believe you guys and gals to be snark internet trolls. I've met some of the kindest, most wonderful people ever via GoNintendo. This is just a thought I had that I really wanted to get off my chest. Kills me to see stuff like this. See you in a few, short hours.

I remember seeing a special for this show on TLC last year, but it seems that IGN is involved with sharing another season their YouTube Channel every week. It may not be your cup of tea, but I thought the idea was cute enough, plus I loved seeing all the different cosplayers at these events. I bookmarked the video earlier today in order to watch at night.

11 minutes of harmless fluff, but I found it to be enjoyable nonetheless. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of heading to the comments section afterwards. That's where I found comments like these.

Nasty comments on the internet. There's a real shocker, right? I know, this kind of thing is old news. I thought that while reading the comments...but then I realized something. Comments like this aren't a new thing, but the fact that seeing stuff like this is taken as par for the course started to irk me. Instead of expecting insightful comments, constructive criticism and kind words, we expect to see vulgar bashing and hurtful thoughts? I'm all for freedom of speech...but I still find it sad that some people decide to use that freedom for comments like these.

Say whatever you like, you have that right. Just know that there are real people out there on the other end of your comments. The things you say may seem like part a virtual world stuck in a computer, but those words could have a profound impact on someone. A snarky retort that rolls off your back could absolutely ruin someone else's day.

This obviously applies to gamers in more ways than just the video above. We comment on gaming message boards, talk to one another on sites like this, voice/text chat with each other in games. Going on voice chat in today's games, you expect to be called fag, retard and a number of other names. You expect to have terrible interactions with people. You expect to have racist phrases blurted at you. It's truly upsetting that things are this way, but those spouting don't seem to care one bit.

Again, I believe you all to be wonderful people. I've only ever had fantastic interactions with all of you. I'm very, very lucky to have a corner of the internet with such kind and caring people. I just really felt that this was something I had to get off my chest.

For any of you that have been attacked online via a game/messageboard/site, know that you have others that care about you. Never let anyone get you down with mean-spirited comments. The internet and gaming worlds can be wonderful places, and you have plenty of people on this site that are more than ready to remind you of that.

I promise you that I'll always be just an email away, and I always have your back. If you've ever been beaten down by comments like this, you don't have to suffer them alone.

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11 Jan 2013 10:53

While I personally don't like watching shows like this, there is absolutely no reason to attack these people directly. I wish more people would speak up about the way people behave online like you have. If only there was something we could do about it. But all I can do is just try and set a good example.
User avatar
11 Jan 2013 11:00

P.S: I love your enthusiasm, RMC! hehe... It's as big as your beard. My beard might be smaller, but way cooler though :angel:
User avatar
11 Jan 2013 11:13

I used to think the Greater Internet F***wad Theory only applied when anonymity was present. Facebook proved me wrong.
User avatar
11 Jan 2013 11:16

LordRoto wrote:I know not many other people will share my extreme optimisum

Actually, I think a lot of us regulars are quite pleased with Nintendo and their current products on the market. But we are too busy playing games to post comments!

Keep up the good fight, man. This site definitely needs more balance. Or maybe it should have an excess of optimism. After all, this is a Nintendo fan site, right?
User avatar
11 Jan 2013 11:32

Ah net trolls-heck as early as 2001 (the first year I got an internet PC) I was already being called a ***ger in Paltalk/MSN just for well..being black and literally nothing else.

Yeah, they get annoying, and it makes you lose some faith in humanity with the cruelty that gets passed around-but I'm finding them easier to ignore lately (although some more personal attacks will sometimes make me forget to not "feed the troll"), they're cowards behind a screen anyhow. Glad to be in the presence of the more mature communities like Gonintendo. :)
User avatar
11 Jan 2013 12:46

I agree YouTube tends to be one of the worst places you'll see comments like those. But... (spoilering this next part so anyone who doesn't want to see some more negativity doesn't have to)

In all fairness, sadly I have seen comments around this site that sometimes are no different, even if the subject is different. For example, sometimes when I express my opinion that I enjoyed a game that some others around here didn't I have occasionally had people attack me for my opinion and say some pretty nasty things. Yeah it's not as common around here, but it happens. Same with musical tastes, it seems I can't go ANYWHERE without getting attacked for the fact I do unironically enjoy the music of Skrillex, and that includes here.

Also, it seems tolerance for certain fanbases around here is not as high as I'd like. It seems anytime a story gets posted that even remotely involves furries or bronies the stories get downvoted to hell and the comments are flooded with "furries and/or bronies are scum" comments.

I'm not really trying to be overly negative or something, but it's true... sadly GoNintendo just isn't quite as "kind" of a site sometimes, in fact I almost feel like the cynicism around here might have increased since I joined years ago.
User avatar
11 Jan 2013 12:50

Kindness would make the internet a boring place.
No Avatar
11 Jan 2013 13:31

LMAO I laughed so hard at Sexy Layton. So unexpected. No comment on the rest of the video. >_>
User avatar
11 Jan 2013 13:36

I didn't watch the video (just not that interested) but I agree with you, RMC. Many people believe there is a huge problem with sexism, racism, and homophobia on the internet, and I don't think they're wrong. But I think they all stem from the same basic problem, which is hate and apathy aided by anonymity.

We need to see an attitude change on the internet in general. And I think you hit the nail on the head... it's all about making people realize there are real flesh-and-blood human beings reading the things they say.
User avatar
11 Jan 2013 13:38

RMC's such a solid dude.
No Avatar
11 Jan 2013 13:47

You're a beautiful man, RMC. That beard of yours must keep your heart warm and cozy. So it's that manly beard that makes you such a softy. But I'd rather stay here and support a softy Nintendo enthusiast's website than any of the other less kind bashers out there. Keep up the awesome work.

Also, that Nintendo Force announcement and the fact that our money is going directly to charity just makes me wanna shed man tears. You guys are just beautiful.
User avatar
11 Jan 2013 14:44

Eternal Rain wrote:I'm not really trying to be overly negative or something, but it's true... sadly GoNintendo just isn't quite as "kind" of a site sometimes, in fact I almost feel like the cynicism around here might have increased since I joined years ago.

Sorry to unspoiler, but...this. All of my this.
User avatar
11 Jan 2013 14:45

My dear RMC, I think you NEED this plug-in that should work with most browsers
No Avatar
11 Jan 2013 14:52

Thanks RMC for setting up and maintaining such a nice corner of the internet. I think GoNintendo is actually one of the most polite/civil sites I've seen. Various people will disagree from time to time, but I've never been called any thing derogative in the comments, and most commenters are civil at the very least. I always look forward to visiting GN, I couldn't name everyone who helps make this a pleasant experience because, well,it's kind of everyone.

I do feel kind of bad for the girl in the video. She seems nice and I like her LoZ shirt. I do get the argument that yes, she is on TV so comments both good and bad are to be expected. I don't understand why it seems mandatory to attack her. She's just a person who wants to find someone who shares her interests, and there is nothing wrong with that.

I kind of wish "nerd" and "geek" would go away. Yes, I like videogames, comic books, sci-fi, but I also like/play music, I draw and paint, and I like to think I'm a pretty good cook. But none of those define me. Those are my interests, nothing more. Personally, I would never invite a camera crew to tape anything I do, but if you have good intentions and are brave enough, than good luck.
No Avatar
11 Jan 2013 15:01

I never watched this show, but I hate to see those kind of comments. :( I hope she doesn't go online to see these comments. As a woman who plays games, I have heard many of those kind of comments targeted towards me. I've noticed it is different depending on what game I play though. Unfortunately a lot of gaming sites have nasty comments like that or can be very bias.
User avatar
11 Jan 2013 15:21

Wow she is really hot! That's the type of woman I have been looking for.
User avatar
11 Jan 2013 16:17

I love GoNintendo and one of the reasons why I even went out searching for something like GoNintendo is because I got tired of not knowing whats going on with Nintendo news because general gaming sites are almost always negative and anti Nintendo. This also goes for their communities where anytime you mention anything Nintendo related and you're flooded with anti Nintendo and (usually) pro Sony comments.

Some of own all 3 current consoles and a gaming PC and don't care about which company others prefer more, we just care about the content. I know me personally, I put trolls in their place but I get tired of doing it. I get tired of having to ignore comments, put internet jerks in their place, and defend what I like just because it runs on a Nintendo console, though the same style games don't receive anywhere near the hate they do when on a Nintendo system. IE, Odin Sphere for example is generally praised by most gamers while I've seen the anti Nintendo Nazi's throw Muramasa under the bus just because its on the Wii on more then one general gaming site on more then 1 occasion. It gets old.

Anyways, as a multi console owner and a fan of all things gaming, I'm very grateful for GoNintendo. I love the funnel of news and it really helps with keeping up with whats going on! Thank you RMC and the GoNintendo team! :)
No Avatar
11 Jan 2013 17:09

The worst part of this situation is when it starts spilling into real life. Just knowing some people who will act this way and get "counter-trolled" in public. It Just feels embarrassing to know those people.
User avatar
11 Jan 2013 18:05

Way to go RMC you said it all, tis why i love your site so much, and thx for thinking im wonderful :D
User avatar
11 Jan 2013 19:24

GoNintendo is one of the nicest sites on the internet. Keep up the great work RMC.
No Avatar
11 Jan 2013 22:34

As much it annoys me, this is the internet, this is what the new generation of kids to adult act like online and make really happy that we at least have one online community where not such attitude exist, Miiverse. lol

Nice blog post RMC :3

PS: Besides its easy to attack people behind a screen knowing that that person will never know who you are or where you live, why do you think cyber bullying is so commen.
User avatar
11 Jan 2013 23:06

I'm aware that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I think this song says it all.

User avatar
12 Jan 2013 12:45

Awesome post! As a gay gamer I feel like I really have to say something here. Many people in the past asked me why saying anything? Why not shut up and avoid receiving insults and death threats in an almost daily basis? Why? Because according to 2011 statistics 1/3 of the suicides in the United States of America are homosexuals. That’s an insane number when you think about the heterosexual/homosexual ratio difference. Their age is most of the time between 14 to 26 years old. Those kids often don’t make it to the news because they are not some spectacular cases that the news can feed to their audiences for weeks. They will become invisible statistics without faces or names attached to their number. I feel like I’m one of the lucky ones, meaning nobody suspects anything until I say otherwise. I’m not small, short or shy so I’ve never been an “easy target” in my life. For me will be much easier just shut up and hide. Unfortunately there are many teenagers out there that are not in the same position as me. They don’t have many friends and they have a hard time talking to people and communicating. I’m a 32 years old male, I stopped caring what people think of me long time ago. Yeah, Internet can be one cold, hateful place but it shouldn’t be a surprise. Meaning what happens when you give an anonymous identity to a bunch of teenager with anger issues and tell them: “Write anything you want, there are not going to be consequences for anything you said”? Yeah it is not going to be pretty; but as a society we need to see and understand the difference between freedom of speech an harassment. Many people will tell you: “well there is nothing you can do about it”. Yes, there is. If you listen racist, sexist or homophobic comments and you walk away you are part of the problem. I’m not Jewish or African-American but I never walked away from hateful comment without doing something about it. Everyone ask for change for but nobody looks at the mirror when they are doing so. Well…
“You must be the change you want to see in the world.
Mahatma Gandhi
P.S. Before I start receiving hateful mail let me tell you:
I’m not left wing, I’m not right wing, I’m not atheist, I’m not religious.
You don’t know me.
User avatar
14 Jan 2013 15:51

i hate nerds who are proud of being nerds.

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