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Aliens: Colonial Marines' painstaking attention to movie details

"At the beginning of the game you come to the Drop Ship Hangar. There, the Xenomorph Queen Bishop ripped in the film 'Aliens'. In the game you can see still Bishops severed legs lying around, and white blood stains mark the place where he died.

And You remember when Rebecca 'Newt' Jordon is running around under the floor, while the queen has top pulled up each grid? Our people have sat down and the basis of the film precisely determined which grid in the game must be missing why." - senior producer Brian Burleson

It's nice to see that kind of dedication, but those elements won't necessarily make for a great game. Let's hope the rest of the project comes together nicely.


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User avatar
11 Jan 2013 18:56

As a Helluvah Alien fan this is nothing but good news for me. Really very keen to test this out on the U when it finally arrives. An when they say the U version is the best I am even more eager to test t out.

Though some people who have tested it do say it's not really a good game. Good thing that those who said so are people from the media I don't trust since we do not always agree on games (sometimes we do, but sometimes it's fire and ice)
User avatar
11 Jan 2013 19:34

I think this will be a love-letter to fans but everyone else may find it lackluster. People who've never seen the films won't have geekout moments and appreciate all the detail in the game.

I loved the Ghostbusters game, but was surprised others didn't care for it much. Different tastes I guess.
No Avatar
11 Jan 2013 20:40

i don't knwo RMC. If you want to do an authentic recreationten, well... pay attention.
That's what Gearbox is doing. And really, this is something i would expect from anyboby who want to recreat something. It may not make a great game alone, but it shows dedication. And in this case it is a good thing.
User avatar
12 Jan 2013 06:00

I wish they'd mention something about putting painstaking attention into the control options.
User avatar
12 Jan 2013 07:13

I'm hoping if they spend so much time on these minor details, the major ones should be even better than usual.

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