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Australia - Pokemon: The Movie - Kyurem Vs. The Sword of Justice gets theater screenings

- screenings courtesy of Beyond Home Entertainment and Hoyts
- limited preview screening of the movie in select cinemas across AU/NZ
- all movie guests will receive a free Just Kidding magazine with the purchase of their tickets
- Banter Toys and Collectables will be showcasing Pokémon Trading Card Game demonstrations one hour prior to each movie session
- purchase tickets online at hoyts.com.au to enter the Powered Up Pokémon Hoyts competition for a chance to win a huge prize pack worth $219, containing the latest Pokémon DVDs, trading cards and Nintendo games.


Saturday February 16

Sunday February 17

Saturday February 23

Sunday February 24

Locations - Australia:

NSW - Blacktown

ACT – Woden

VIC – Eastlands

QLD – Stafford

SA – Tea Tree Plaza

WA – Garden City

Locations - New Zealand:

Wairau Park (Sat 16th Feb)

Wairau Park (Sun 17th Feb)

Sylvia Park (Sat 23rd Feb)

Sylvia Park (Sun 24th Feb)


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No Avatar
16 Jan 2013 22:38

Nooooo, the two weekends i'm out of the country

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