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Not only have they made a good game but they’ve made a terrific Wii U version of the game. Playing by yourself will last a while and there’s endless fun with your friends both locally and around the world. Five player is so much better than just four.

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17 Jan 2013 17:39

Hope nintendo goes this way with their next mario kart, changing it to nintendo word kart and bringing all characters and nintendo worlds...btw ...an rpg on like this would be awesome too.
User avatar
17 Jan 2013 18:42

Awesome game, no regrets unlike Mario Kart 7.
User avatar
17 Jan 2013 19:02

@sergiomonty Amen.

I really, really hope they don't rush out Mario Kart U for this year, just to fill in the Christmas period. Maybe next year, but no sooner please.
User avatar
18 Jan 2013 02:48


That! MK7 was looking promising...It was a borefest! No excitement at all, no content and the new ideas like the communities were horribly executed! I can now understand Jim Sterling giving this game a 5.
User avatar
18 Jan 2013 10:42

I really enjoyed MK7 by the way, the online was a pretty easy thing to do and I played a thousand hours online with my dad while I wasn't home. Maybe it came a little bit short on unlockables (characters and vehicle parts). They were pretty easy to unlock so that was kind of boring... unlike mario kart wii that was more challenging to find the way to unlock some characters and the extra mii costume as well as some karts.
Anyway... I have to agree with you with sonic and all... the game it's simply amazing. that career mode it's awesome... It really reminds me to the adventure mode in diddy kong racing.. which was awesome too. It really extends the gameplay and makes it more fun. The different kind of challenges are also fun and the game is also quite easy to control. Have been playing the game with my dad a lot. I hope Mario kart takes that "career mode" thingy and makes something new and fresh... I'm kind of boring of playing 50cc, 100cc, 150cc and mirror every time to finish the game... would be fun to play the career mode with friends too so I really hope they take this game as an example to move forward and do something great.

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