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GameStop - Pandora's Tower preorder page open

Grab your preorder here (thanks CoffeewithChess!)

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19 Jan 2013 14:50

Holding out for Amazon. Free shipping. Or I mean, I could go pick up the game in-store, but I don't want to risk not getting potential preorder bonuses for not getting there early enough.
User avatar
19 Jan 2013 14:57

Hopefully any pre-order bonuses are available at Amazon too.
No Avatar
19 Jan 2013 15:13

Oddly enough, I pre-ordered this just last night from gamestop... after I tried Amazon first though.
User avatar
19 Jan 2013 18:31

$40? Xseed you cheeky company men, you.
User avatar
19 Jan 2013 18:36

But no pick up in store option, so I'll preorder at the actual store.
No Avatar
19 Jan 2013 23:35

Wasn't there a rumor last week that GameStop is not taking preorders for Wii games anymore? God I love the gaming industry.

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