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Space Harrier 3D gets OFLC rating, published by Nintendo

Looks like we can expect to see Space Harrier 3D make its way around the world. The OFLC rating is always a good start!


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No Avatar
29 Jan 2013 21:20

I wouldn't put too much stake in the second part. OFLC does this weird thing where it lists a bunch of downloadable games for Nintendo systems as being published by Nintendo even when it's never the case.

It's like it really means "Distributor" or something like that.
No Avatar
29 Jan 2013 22:13

I am eagerly awaiting this game! Space Harrier is one of my all time favorite games from my childhood, along with Out Run - which I hope they also decide to bring to the 3DS. Come on Sega and Nintendo!!!!
User avatar
30 Jan 2013 10:18

I've been waiting since the Japanese release... please come out in NA soon!!!

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