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30 Jan 2013 22:39

So good. Even though this was by no means one of the first games I played, it so encompasses that feeling of playing games for the first time as a child for me.
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31 Jan 2013 08:40

I remember being incredibly disappointed with this game as a kid. I LOVED Yoshi's Island, and excitedly bought Story on the day it came out, after saving up my pocket money for months. I assumed the experience would be similar to the the SNES game, especially since Nintendo Magazine gave it a considerably high score at the time.

Then I got home and beat in an hour or so.
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04 Feb 2013 01:16

lotso shoes wrote:Then I got home and beat in an hour or so.

Then you didn't beat it at all.
You didn't find the huge hearts that unlock more/harder levels, and you didn't play those levels.
Hopefully you figured this out eventually, but sorry you missed it as a younger you.

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