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REPORT - Controversy spurs Pentagon's Hagel to review new 'Nintendo' medal

Since its debut last month, the new Distinguished Warfare Medal – promptly dubbed the “Nintendo” medal by troops – has been a magnet for controversy. Now, new Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is apparently reconsidering whether such a medal – which could be awarded to cyber specialists, say, or remote operators of Predator or Reaper drones that kill enemy forces threatening the lives of troops on the ground – should retain its high ranking in the medal pecking order.

Full report here (thanks Juan!)

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12 Mar 2013 21:53

Reading the source article, I have to say I agree with this. Being former military myself, placing a non-com medal in importance over actual combat earned medals is just WRONG. The idea of the medal itself is perfectly fine and sound...what should be changed about it is the order of importance/precedence that this medal comes in at.
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12 Mar 2013 22:04

My Nintendo Medal

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12 Mar 2013 22:40

@Highlar: I agree. I wonder why they made this metal have more importance over some of the combat awarded ones. It's just crazy.

@nGen: Woah, that's pretty cool. :D
No Avatar
12 Mar 2013 22:52


We aren't just talking "some" combat medals. If the article is correct, it tops the list over the Bronze Star, Bronze Star with V...and even the Purple Heart! To me, that just sounds insane, to give an award to someone for no actual combat/life endangerment over the Purple Heart (awarded for acts of valor beyond the call of duty, usually involving being wounded yourself and saving several other lives in the process).
No Avatar
12 Mar 2013 23:12

I am glad they have medals for this but it doesn't need to be ranked so high. But it probably is right now due to the drone stuffs going on lately.
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12 Mar 2013 23:40

I agree this medal should not be ranked as high as it is. But it is funny an actual military medal is named after Nintendo rather than say PS360, the two consoles who have all the "hardcore" military FPS games.
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13 Mar 2013 00:09

@highlar: Oh, that IS crazy. I read a different article before saying that the drone metal would out rank the Bronze Star and another metal (sorry, I can't remember the name), but not the Purple Heart. Honestly, it really shouldn't out rank any metal awarded to individuals risking their lives. I really wonder about the people who come up with these decisions, especially since it seems like everyone else I talk to agrees that the drone metal shouldn't outrank these combat metals.
User avatar
13 Mar 2013 02:24

drew wrote:I agree this medal should not be ranked as high as it is. But it is funny an actual military medal is named after Nintendo rather than say PS360, the two consoles who have all the "hardcore" military FPS games.

it isn't named after nitnendo. that's a nickname.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distinguis ... fare_Medal
No Avatar
13 Mar 2013 03:06

Yes but its awesome they nicknamed it Nintendo medal and not PlayStation m. Nintendo is still number one brand name.
User avatar
13 Mar 2013 03:13

It may be a nickname, but it's still the same word, Nintendo. Where do you think that came from? That name shouldn't be associated with war, in any way, IMO.
User avatar
13 Mar 2013 03:51

Wait, why is it called the "Nintendo" medal? Why did it get that nickname?
No Avatar
13 Mar 2013 05:23

Sounds like this was taken off The Onion... :/
User avatar
13 Mar 2013 06:13



Because for a lot of people out there the Nintendo word still refers to consoles in general. I was working at a video game shop last holyday season and a lot of people still say they want a Nintendo for their kids and then you show them Wii/U/3/DS and they tell you No, the one with the camera thing that lets you just move in front of your tv, the kids already have that Nintendo.

The contrary also happenned which was even more funny, hello I want to buy a Nintendo for my kid. You show the Wii, they say no he's not playing that Nintendo anymore, he's got a ps3 nintendo now. So that's where it gets a little bit complicated. And after a quick chat you realise what they want is actually really a nintendo as the kid wants to get a U.

So yeah that was weird.
User avatar
13 Mar 2013 07:16

Zanreo wrote:Wait, why is it called the "Nintendo" medal? Why did it get that nickname?

Because drone strikes are essentially videogames, but with real death at the end of the button press instead of simulated death.

It's disgusting that anyone is awarded a medal for being an executioner and a coward, operating with scarily vague guidelines (see: 16 year old American citizen assassinated in Yemen, no trial, nothing incriminating about him).

Much more so because an estimated 50 innocents (often including medics/first responders trying to rescue innocents but are hit during a 'double tap', or second strike) per every 1 claimed terrorist is slaughtered by this practice. Hundreds of children have died in places like Pakistan.

And you know what? I bet some of their families have seriously considered anti-American terrorism because of it, when they would have rather been simply left alone before. Drone strikes are probable creators of terrorists.
User avatar
13 Mar 2013 08:25

Well, some people get medals even though they, or someone under their command, kill/slaughter civilians or journalists. Why a drone operator couldn't get a lil' medal too?
No Avatar
13 Mar 2013 12:01

Maybe They should give them Wii U's instead of the medals. Seriously though I agree that it's not like the valor and bravery of people in combat.

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