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Plenty of laughs in this show. I mean, we laughed a lot! I hope you guys do as well. Plenty of discussion on the games we played as well. Another one of those random shows that I really enjoyed!

Download the show here (thanks MoldyClay!)

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30 Mar 2013 23:23

(Ssh, quiet. Pols Voice hate loud noise.)
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30 Mar 2013 23:27

Aww, I was busy today and didn't get to watch.
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31 Mar 2013 01:46

Squishton wrote:Aww, I was busy today and didn't get to watch.

That is me every week due to work. :/

Nice job MoldyClay!
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31 Mar 2013 01:58

Points for anyone that knows what all the eggs are.

Aside from two, they're all found in games. Specifically Nintendo, or on Nintendo platforms.

As for the two that aren't: One is an egg from a Nintendo related cartoon. The other isn't an egg from anything. Maybe not even an egg.


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31 Mar 2013 18:37

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS MUST PLAY METAGAME AGAIN. That was seriously one of the best podcasts ever x)

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