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Nintendo not holding traditional E3 press conference this year?

Official translation here>

Coming from Iwata...

"At this years E3 we will not be announcing a new hardware system, so E3's primary mission will be to have [press, analysts] experience our software. Many people would like to know more about the titles for Wii U that will be announced. We will use the timing of E3 to focus on providing details about our Wii U titles for release this year, and intend to create opportunities for guests to the conference to experience them immediately. We will attempt to use this year's E3 to make announcements in a new way that we have not tried before.

Unlike previous years, we will not have a large-scale [E3] presentation directed to everyone in the world. Instead, we are planning several smaller events focusing on software for America. Among these hands-on events will be one for American distributors and another for western media."

Wow, talk about a major surprise for E3, and not the kind we wanted to see. I'm not sure I 100% believe this yet. We'll have to get comment from Nintendo.


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24 Apr 2013 22:52

I just hope Nintendo has some surprises regardless like Tomodachi Collection: New Life and 3DS version of Band Bros coming stateside or a Wii U Famicom Wars in the gameplay style of the handheld games
No Avatar
24 Apr 2013 22:56

gtt wrote:Why not make e3 a home event? long form nintendo directs, playable demos, panaroma video thing of the show floor?

Nintendo could really engage with the customer here. Most companies would kill for the sort of engagement possible with video games.

That is actually a really cool idea
User avatar
24 Apr 2013 22:56

After lackluster presentations in the last two years, I can't fault them for change. As long as I get to see the games in action, I don't care if its a big or small event.
User avatar
24 Apr 2013 22:56

Hylianhero777 wrote:Nintendo:
"New 3D Mario at E3"
"New Mario Kart at E3"
"Smash Bros. Screens at E3"
"We won't be doing an E3 conference."

In between the little things they'll have at E3, they better show that! :evil:
User avatar
24 Apr 2013 22:57

I'm apart of the "We have Nintendo Direct, we don't really need E3 anymore" mentality. Really E3 has been turned into a battle arena for the big 3. With numerous 'journalists' going on about who won E3 this year and sparking more fan wars. It really needs to be downplayed. E3 is mostly for the core game fans and gaming press, and us that follow Nintendo follow Nintendo Direct all year round. So E3 is not really needed except to get the games in the hands of the press.
User avatar
24 Apr 2013 22:58

You should see how the IGN community is reacting to this news, they are thinking Nintendo won't be at E3 at all and are already saying R.I.P.

User avatar
24 Apr 2013 22:59

its not that surprising.. if you look at how much nintendo reveals throughout the year through their nintendo directs, its obvious they now choose to do things on their own schedule. i feel like most of the announcements we have been given through the nds are usually stockpiled until the summer-videogame-a-palooza and then unleashed on us.. now we get it a little bit at a time.. and honestly, i like that. hell, after the first day of e3 im usually over it anyway..

what i cant wait for is the pachter/ign/game informer/gt reaction (honestly, i can wait.. i really really can)..
No Avatar
24 Apr 2013 23:06

Nintendo is going to be at E3 and hold some conferences, just not the big one it traditionally has done. Nintendo could get good exposure if it actually releases eShop demos of the titles it brings to E3 so not only do game journalists get to play them, but so can we. Of course, I doubt all games will be made available. Besides, we already know the majority of upcoming Wii U titles anyway. No one is going to really sit through E3 being told about the games we've known since January. E3 is about the megaton surprises and those are naturally best when we do not know of the game's existence. That's why Ubisoft had the best conference at E3 2012.

E3's become less relevant to Nintendo since its started Nintendo Direct. The Nintendo Direct video track record has been more informative and exciting than the last 2 E3's anyway. I say give this new approach for E3 a chance.
User avatar
24 Apr 2013 23:09

DrRocketGenius wrote:This makes me really upset if true. It's tradition!

BINGO! It's like Christmas; it comes only once a year LOL :lol:
No Avatar
24 Apr 2013 23:09

Wow are you serious? The Wii U needed this. It really did. It needs the limelight on that stage. You honestly can't fill an hour with trailers and footage? Some nostalgia? You're Nintendo -- it can't be hard.
User avatar
24 Apr 2013 23:10

gtt wrote:Why not make e3 a home event? long form nintendo directs, playable demos, panaroma video thing of the show floor?

Nintendo could really engage with the customer here. Most companies would kill for the sort of engagement possible with video games.

I like the way you think.

As a whole, E3 isn't as captivating as it used to be, it seems like companies treat as more of an obligation, than anything else. If Nintendo are truly going to tackle E3 differently this year,they've got my full support. Hopefully, it's as gtt says and they use the time to engage, not just the media, but the consumers. I've watched all of the press conferences at E3 for almost 6 years now, and I'd like nothing more than to turn on my Wii U, sit through an hour or two of Nintendo Directs, and then download the floor demos for my Wii U and 3DS, even if the demos expired once E3 was over.
User avatar
24 Apr 2013 23:15

RMC.... please, PLEASE get informed before posting stuff like this. That unofficial translation made it look like something awful.
User avatar
24 Apr 2013 23:15

So don't look forward to E3 because it wont be Bomb Droppings, it'll be demos on the floor. :/
User avatar
24 Apr 2013 23:16

To the people who are upset or angry and think that Nintendo wont be at E3 at all. You are all missing the point. Nintendo will be at E3, but will not have as big of a presence like they used to. In light of hosting their own conferences, as well as Nintendo Directs, they honestly don't need to use E3 as the biggest mean to have their own spotlight.
No Avatar
24 Apr 2013 23:20

I think this is a big mistake by Nintendo. E3 is the only time of the year where the mainstream press spends much ink on games and the big conferences are watched by gamers and journalists of all stripes. It will hurt their image to not be one of the ones having a major conference. Bad timing given their recent struggles.

Now, I'm sure that Nintendo will still have a presence at E3, but demos on the floor and in backrooms for the press aren't going to have the same impact. (And even if they make the demos downloadable, how is that going to mean anything to anyone who doesn't already own a WiiU?) And a Nintendo Direct or two isn't going to be a good enough substitute. That won't be aired on TV or covered by the mainstream press.

Bottom line, this is the wrong move for them to be making at this time. I don't like it.
User avatar
24 Apr 2013 23:22

This makes sense to me
User avatar
24 Apr 2013 23:26

Eh Nintendo's past 4 E3 conferences sucked monkey balls (not including 2010). So nothing of value has been lost. Nintendo Directs have provided better/more frequent updates anyway.
User avatar
24 Apr 2013 23:28

Iwata already said that Mario, Mario Kart, and Smash will be at E3. Of course they will have a presence. I don't care if they change it up to save money, though.
No Avatar
24 Apr 2013 23:29

I've said it on a couple of other sites, I think Nintendo will be doing what Microsoft is gonna be doing with the Xbox.
They will hold their own presentations (Nintendo Direct) to do all the reveals leading up to their conference day and then use E3 as a bigger platform to elaborate on the news and use it as a way to get their demos out to the press.
User avatar
24 Apr 2013 23:32

After I grabbed my pitchfork and started screaming I thought about it for a minute. A couple Nintendo Directs would be great instead. To be honest I can't see alot of game announcements since almost everything coming out in the near future has been announced. Most likely at E3 Nintendo will be showing...

Mario 3D
Mario Kart
Smash Bros
Windwaker HD
Pikmin 3
Wonderful 101 (unless it comes out in the next couple months)

The 3DS will have their games as well. I say let Sony and M$ show off their new consoles with flashy lights and "slick" graphics. Nintendo will have ND's to make us happy.

P.S- I want my fill of Reggie at E3. No exceptions.
User avatar
25 Apr 2013 00:44

I was looking forward to the hilarity. Nintendo/Sony/MS always have embarrassing things happen at the events.
User avatar
25 Apr 2013 01:59

I think Nintendo has made the right decision. E3 isn't what it used to be anymore and it's just not worth the expense when Nintendo Direct has become so much more of a successful way to talk to your customers...well directly without all the pomp and circumstance. Let the usuals cry fowl and use this decision as yet another opportunity to take a shot at 'ol Ninty, but I think Nintendo is ahead of the curve on this.
User avatar
25 Apr 2013 05:48

Translation: "We have fu*k all to show!"
No Avatar
25 Apr 2013 09:55

It sure is hard trying to stay optimistic when the Wii U is barely getting acknowledged by the gaming media and publishers.

Hopefully Iwata's new direct role as CEO of NOA will help change things for the better. And I love Nintendo Direct, so I'm glad to see Nintendo having a more "direct" approach with their E3 presentations...
User avatar
25 Apr 2013 11:33

Gonna be honest here. While I do think that E3 is very important and a great platform for companies to get news of there big announcements out, the fact is Nintendo Direct has taken off like a wild fire and has been giving us a wealth of information. I personally think that while E3 is traditional and the more "standard" way of doing things, it seems to me that shows directly from the company (the way Apple does it) is a lot more effective in getting big news out. This is probably the reason why Nintendo Direct has been so successful as well as Sony's Playstation press conference.

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