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28 May 2013 15:14

lotso shoes wrote:Can I just say how much I LOVE how cartoony and colorful this looks? Seriously, between the new bad guys, the return of the cuddly animal friends and that glorious Green Hill-esque world, this is looking sublime. THIS is how I've always wanted 3D Sonic to be, and I am loving it.

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28 May 2013 15:15

I'm glad they use the new Sonic instead of the 90s Sonic. He is a little pudgy haha but that's not why. Characters evolve and change over time. It's not like it's a crappy change like Devil May Cry to DmC and all.
User avatar
28 May 2013 15:19


You say that second part as if SEGA has made a bad Sonic recently.


Considering most consider Colors to be the death of bad Sonic games, I don't know what to make of your caution here.


For what reason did you not buy Sonic Heroes, Colors or Generations?


Dante was different. The change between Devil May Cry and DmC is that they rebooted it with an all new storyline and new interpretation of the characters. It wasn't a prequel, remake of DMC3 or in any way connected to the previous games.
User avatar
28 May 2013 15:21


That... THAT GAME LOOKS AMAZING. Why did it never happen!? This could've changed everything for Sonic, and possibly Sega, if it had been released. Who knows, maybe they'd even still be around... Ah, the roads not taken.

X-treme looks like Super Mario Galaxy, a decade earlier. That's probably why Lost World looks like Galaxy.

I love this direction. The trailer is... Clearly early footage, since those camera angles, physics and sound are far from finalized. But the game looks incredibly promising. I love the new enemies' design, it's like Sega stopped taking Sonic so seriously, and went back to fun. That's awesome :3

If they need to, they should delay this. I think it needs more time in the oven... Sega should take as much time as necessary. This has potential as a great Sonic title and a Wii U system seller. I don't think it should be on 3DS too... That might hurt it.
User avatar
28 May 2013 15:32

It's great to be a Wii U owner.
User avatar
28 May 2013 15:33

As pointed out on GAF, guys, this Fall we'll be getting Rayman Legends, 3D Mario and Sonic: Lost World [with Puppeteer and Tearaway on Sony platforms].

What a resurgence of colour and platformers! :shock: :D 8)
User avatar
28 May 2013 16:01

Cant wait looking so good If 3d mario game come out this year it going to be the best year in a long time for my teases in games
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28 May 2013 16:19

On a scale of 1 to 10..1 being not so extreme and 10 being extremely´╗┐ extreme, i give this a 9.5!
User avatar
28 May 2013 16:32

You can see a Cyan Wisp (Laser) from Sonic Colors in this trailer.
User avatar
28 May 2013 16:34

Sonic lost worlds looks kinda like Mario galaxy
No Avatar
28 May 2013 17:07

toupee43 wrote:This looks amazing! And I am glad to see that Dr. Robotnik/Eggman is nowhere to be seen. The game looks fresh and, yes, it does seem to take a page or two out of the galaxy playbook, but that's alright by me. I love the art design - a hint of that retro feel, while feeling contemporary at the same time. I'm so sick of realistic environments in Sonic. This looks great!!!!!

Not to ruin it for you when it comes to you lack of Eggman, but the enemies (not the dragon things) are his robots. I'd be willing to guess that Eggman tricked/hired the 6 dragon guys to collect the animals so that they could then be turned into robots or something. Either way I'm pretty sure Eggman will pop up in the end.

Also, I hope they explain how Eggman is actually here considering the end of Generations.
User avatar
28 May 2013 17:31

WolfLink22 wrote:@thorn-rock

It is not that hard to see where the Galaxy vibe comes in. Watch a trailer of Super Mario Galaxy and then watch Sonic Lost World and then you will see what everyone is talking about. It is mostly with the Gravity thing tho unless that Trailer is just the a small sample, it still gives off a Galaxy vibe too none the less.

yeah ok I can see that now ^^
User avatar
28 May 2013 18:00

How much longer before someone ask SEGA if this is a revival of Sonic Xtreme?
User avatar
28 May 2013 18:03

So it's Super Sonic GalaX-Treme? I'm down for that. Like, a lot. Especially after Daytime Unleashed and Console Colors/Generations.
User avatar
28 May 2013 18:17

Wow, it actually looks really good. I was a little hesitant, but now I'm pretty excited for it.
User avatar
28 May 2013 18:20

My only complaint so far is the using of Green Hill again, and it looks inferior to Generations version of Green Hill... buuuut that may be a new direction with the art style. Getting more cartoony with it, which is not a bad thing when it comes to Sonic... Can't beleive they brought back the little animal dudes. Awesome.

And the gameplay looks like it's not a boost athon anymore, hell yeah.
User avatar
28 May 2013 18:43

I enjoyed Generations and thought Colors was alright, so I'm definitely keeping my eyes on this. I'm not the biggest Sonic fan, but his game can be simple, mindless fun and at least have nice aesthetic and catchy tunes. Plus Lost Worlds looks like is taking a lot from Galaxy which is always a plus. Like others, I too wouldn't be surprise is Nintendo had a hand in Lost World's developement.

I don't get how it *doesn't* remind you of Galaxy. Xtreme is obviously prototype, but beyond some basic upside-down segments, it doesn't play with anti-gravity concept and trippy platforming as much as Galaxy does. No where near as much as Galaxy, in fact. Lost Worlds may be spiritual sucessor to Xtreme, but to pretend is not heavily inspire by Galaxy duo is just ridiculous.

Oh and the new enemies look derpy and childish. There is cartoony and then there is Western Saturday morning cartoon retarded. These new enemies are from latter category. But that's how it's been in Sonic games for a long time, so eh.

In any case, I am looking forward to playing this.
No Avatar
28 May 2013 19:00

HammerGalladeBro wrote:How much longer before someone ask SEGA if this is a revival of Sonic Xtreme?
Maybe it is.
No Avatar
28 May 2013 19:26

I am missing something? how is this video Goriginal content?
User avatar
28 May 2013 19:56

Looking pretty dope, I can't wait to enjoy all the platforming goodness this fall.
User avatar
28 May 2013 21:09

So Galaxy-esque, which might be the reason I'll get it
User avatar
28 May 2013 23:22

Upgrading my position on this from totally indifferent to cautiously optimistic.

-The visuals look extremely nice in parts.

-In terms of level design, stealing from Galaxy is fine with me. (Especially since Galaxy stole from SA2 in the first place. :-P )

-The designs for the 'deadly six' are pretty lol. On the other hand, the series has seen much, much worse.
User avatar
30 May 2013 13:28

Hamr wrote:

-In terms of level design, stealing from Galaxy is fine with me. (Especially since Galaxy stole from SA2 in the first place. :-P )

?? Explain please (I've never played SA2 btw).
User avatar
30 May 2013 17:58

MegaShock100 wrote:?? Explain please (I've never played SA2 btw).

There are space levels in SA2 where you run all around on three-dimensional floating bodies, Little Prince-Style, that each have their own specific gravity.

I remember back when Galaxy came out, and everyone was going on about how original and innovative Miyamoto was for coming up with the concept of running around on 3D spheroid planets in platformer.

In actuality, the innovation was his programmers putting the concept in a game that was not total trash, lol.

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