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Mom Brain and I were lucky enough to check out some of Nintendo's upcoming Wii U and 3DS games for the 2013 holiday season. Have a listen to see how our hands-on sessions went! On top of that, we have our regular news, questions and music sections. Hopefully you'll enjoy it all!

Download the show here (thanks MoldyClay!)

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30 Jun 2013 14:05

RMC's shirt makes me happy inside.
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30 Jun 2013 23:52

What is this picture about?
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02 Jul 2013 03:00


The drawing I made?

It's the guy from Spelunker. Was celebrating it coming to 3DS VC. It's obscure, because it's a "not that amazing" infamous NES game that got popular for the wrong reasons and is stupid hard.

Had to design my own version of him and I chose to color him with his NES colors.

The HD Remake version on PS3 looks like trash (the graphical style).
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02 Jul 2013 04:58


He has a gun? That was the part that was throwing me. I thought maybe there was a joke I really missed from the podcast.
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02 Jul 2013 13:33


Also has bombs.

Though I'm not actually sure if it is a gun, but it's shaped like one.

If you zoom in to this, you can see it better. Even without zooming, above the 2nd minecart you can see he has something and the next sprite has bullet-esque things flying all over the place.

http://spritedatabase.net/files/nes/249 ... lunker.png

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