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Localized version of Bravely Default confirmed to be 'For the Sequel' edition

Maybe now we know why we have been waiting so long for this game to get localized. There was a grand scheme all along!

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02 Sep 2013 14:05

This exactly how I`m Feeling
No Avatar
02 Sep 2013 14:14

If only Square Enix cared this much about Dragon Quest...
No Avatar
02 Sep 2013 14:23

I guess the delay was worth it then. :)
User avatar
02 Sep 2013 15:52

Well, that's good! I'd be happy getting it at all, but you know there's going to be people who are annoyed that they're not getting the original version.
User avatar
03 Sep 2013 17:11

Awesome! I can't wait! Hum... Will I chose original Japanese voices or English ones? What should I choose? o_o

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