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Composer Akira Yamaoka doesn't consider video game music to be 'music'

A portion of a Nintendo Power interview with composer Akira Yamaoka…

NP: You’re best known for Silent Hill, but are there other games you’ve worked on in which you think your compositions were especially good?

AY: “I don’t consider video game music, including Silent Hill music, as “music”. I consider it more as “sound” that complements the images, game, and story to create an entertaining experience. So even if I thought I created cool music, if I don’t get excited or enjoy playing the game with the music and images combined, then I can’t say, “I created good music.”"

Well, that’s not going to go over well with a lot of people. It’s like the ‘games as art’ debate, although I think this argument is even more cut-and-dry!


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