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Miyamoto regrets making New Super Mario Bros. DS too easy

A portion of an Iwata Asks feature on New Super Mario Bros. Wii…

Iwata: After actually making the game, do you have any regrets or feelings that you wish you’d done things differently?

Miyamoto: If I had to point out one aspect, I’d say that the difficulty level was a littleā€¦

Iwata: While you succeeded in coming up with a Mario title that anyone could play, for those players who were seeking a bit more of a challenge, it may have been a touch too easy.

Miyamoto: As you can imagine, no matter how hard you try, it just isn’t possible to settle on a difficulty level that will satisfy everyone ranging from people who haven’t played a game in years right through to players who know all the Mario games inside out. You have to focus it on either one or the other.

Full interview here

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