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Classic Japanese RPGs have a longstanding tradition of introducing players to summons. With great strength and wisdom, a summon can help guide JRPG heroes on their destined paths. In Arc Rise Fantasia, these summons, known as Rogress in the game, play an integral role in the personal development of our heroes. These wondrous summon entities not only emit a limitless energy source called Ray allowing airships and cities to run, but also wield great power in battle.

Players are first introduced to Rogress in the Dragon Dungeon fairly early in their adventure. Our hero L’Arc meets Simmah, the first Rogress, who speaks of a Child of Eesa. He will only answer to this being and in turn bond with him as he accepts Imaginal’s Law. As Eesa’s code is inscribed within L’Arc, he soon learns that Ryfia – a recent acquaintance and new travel companion – is the Diva required to set him on his path to recover the remaining Rogress and restore order to the land.

Each Rogress in Arc Rise Fantasia has their own story that defines their elemental and physical strengths. Further, they impart their wisdom on L’Arc and his friends not only on their journey, but through their attacks. Simmah bestows his power upon L’Arc, effortlessly wiping out enemies, and asks that L’Arc help continue the evolution of the human race. Another Rogress, Gula, incapacitates enemies with his Shield of Integrity attack, while Absin delivers extensive earth damage with his Logos of Judgment. Though some Rogress capitalize on their tough exterior build for strong offensive attacks, others utilize their speed and elemental strengths. In times of need, these Rogress save our heroes and the world from agony and destruction in an effort to impart wisdom and bring about balance.

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