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More information points to rumored Donkey Kong game from Retro

We’ve all heard about the rumor of Retro working on a new Donkey Kong game, but is it the real deal? Well, IGN is the one that put forth the rumor, and now one of their staffers is pushing forth with more teases. Peer Schneider from IGN has made these Tweets today…

Will Nintendo fans go ape over Retro’s new game?

Don’t read too much into my tweet. I just figured people might go bananas over Retro’s next game. ;)

I hope Retro’s new game will barrel me over.

On top of all that, a supposed source that has delivered on Retro information in the past has claimed that this Donkey Kong title is the real deal.

It’s a bit more complicated than what IGN has revealed… they’ve been working on stuff for a long time. I’ve known about this particular project since early 2006. It’s cool.

Take it as you will, but in just a couple days, we’ll know the full truth! Thanks to Product084 for the heads up!


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