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Shinji Mikami - P.N. 03 originally had Vanessa shooting guns

A portion of an EDGE interview with Shinji Mikami …

EDGE: What were you unable to put into P.N. 03 that you’ve been able to put into Vanquish?

SM: I wanted to make sure the main character would shoot guns! In the early stages of P.N. 03 Vanessa had guns, but because of schedule constraints we weren’t able to create all of the animations for the guns, so we had to take them out. I really wanted her to shoot with guns…

Anyway, P.N. 03 was what I’d consider an older style of design. You run, you shoot. Vanquish takes that to the next level with the addition of boosting and cover. It allows you to take on your opponents in a much more fluid way. The one thing that Vanquish is missing is P.N. 03’s sexiness, however. It would be just too odd if Sam Gideon shook his ass like Vanessa.

Full interview here

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