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The following information comes from Hironobu Sakaguchi…

- Dolby Pro Logic II compatible
- from the options menu, you can select mono, stereo and DPLII
- during command mode you can switch the button for executing the command between up or down
- this support was added because a girl with small hands in the Mario Club debugging unit suggested it
- destroyed map objects like bridges and pillars are automatically repaired
- think of these as attack gimmicks rather than background elements
- view “pointer” lines indicating who the enemies are targeting
- change the settings for these lines: off, shown only when Elza has executed his Gathering move, shown always, show pointers for both enemies and allies
- Elza can use his wind magic to spread the effects of Magic Circles
- Magic Circles can also be spread through jump slash and vertical slash
- 16 save slots
- “chuudan save” feature for when you want to stop play and come back later
- chuudan save is auto saved
- this will start you back at the previous load point
- no Wiimote shake controls
- game will auto switch controls when you plug in a Classic controller
- camera can be controlled with the right stick
- flip the camera controls around if you want
- Sakaguchi likes to play using his LEGO Wiimote and Nunchuk
- in multiplayer sessions, you can set your name using up to 8 alphabetic characters
- does not use Wiimote speaker
- Sakaguchi says The Last Story on another platform isn’t possible because his team worked so closely with Nintendo to create the game
- strengthen your weapons and equipment by taking them to a special shop in town
- Elza’s bow gun can be strengthened to increase its basic damage parameter
- variety of bow types for the bow gun
- Elza’s arrows for his bow gun are infinite
- other bow gun ammo is not infinite
- more videos coming showing Sakaguchi playing the game
- video release schedule

January 20, 14:00: Gathering
January 21, 14:00: Battle System
January 24, 14:00: Ruli City

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