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Nintendo financial report - Net income down 74%, Wii/DS worldwide hard/soft sales, 3DS predicted sales and more

- Net income was down 74.3 per cent to ¥49,557 million ($603 million) from last year’s ¥192,601 ($2.3 billion)
- this was “due to exchange losses totalling ¥84.4 billion primarily caused by reevaulation of assets in foreign currencies.”
- revenue down 31.7 per cent, to ¥807,990 million ($9.8 billion) for the nine months ended December 31 2010, from ¥1,182,177 million ($14.4 billion) for the same period in 2009
- 40.22 per cent of revenues derived from software
- 59.6 per cent of revenues were derived from hardwar
- 46.8 per cent of sales came from the Americas
- 31.8 per cent of sales came from Europe
- 16 per cent of sales came from Japan
- handheld software sales, especially Pokemon games, “continued to grow”
- Super Mario Galaxy 2, Wii Party, Donkey Kong Country Returns and New Super Mario Bros were success stories
- “Holiday season sales were robust, especially in Europe and the United States, however sales did not reach last year’s monthly record sales in the US in both DS and Wii hardware.”
- Worldwide sales of DS hardware were 15.7 million
- worldwide sales of Wii hardware were 13.72 million
- DS has sold 144.59 million units, globally
- Wii has sold 84.64 million units, globally
- software sales for April to December 2010 were 98.9 million on DS
- software sales for April to December 2010 were 150.5 million on Wii
- Projected hardware sales for the full financial year (ending March 31) have been lowered
- Wii was lowered by 1.5 million units to 16 million
- DS was lowered by 1 million to 18.5 million
- projected 3DS hardware sales during its first month on sale are 4 million units
- predicted software sales for the full 12 months are up
- predictions of Wii raising by 32 million units to 170 million
- predictions of DS raising by 10 million to 120 million
- when combined with 3DS expectancies, the latter becomes 135 million
- 15 million 3DS games are expected to be sold during the handheld’s first month




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