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EEDAR, Ubisoft on 3DS, Reggie on early adopters

“Consumers are going to have to expect for at least the first year that possibly finding a 3DS might be difficult. That non-3-D option is very smart,” Divnich says. “I think Nintendo is just being cautious. But we don’t really know what the short-term or long-term effects of watching 3-D are, not just games but movies as well.” - EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich

“We think that the 3DS is an awesome machine. It has a lot of features, including an accelerometer and gyroscope (to sense motion and speed) and the 3-D, that really make it … a unique piece of hardware.” - Tony Key of Ubisoft

Reggie also had a bit to say about the early adopters of the 3DS, and how they could shape the future of the system.

“As they show off content like the (augmented-reality) games and the Mii Maker, I do think that will get non-gamers to say, ‘Wow, I need to give this a look.’”


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