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NGamer review editor says Ubisoft's 3DS lineup is full of 'dodgy ports', but Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars is good

“Ubisoft held Rayman back so no one would see how crap it is, basically. Without spoiling the score, it’s one of our lowest rated 3DS launch titles. Along with Splinter Cell and *shudders* Asphalt 3D. Ubisoft have only gone and blighted a Nintendo hardware launch with dodgy ports again. Ghost Recon, however, is one of the better launch games. Kittsy’s personal favourite, in fact. Check the blog tomorrow for some abridged opinions of all the launch games.” - NGamer staff writer (reviews editor) Matthew Castle

Well, that’s not what Ubisoft was saying earlier today about Rayman 3D. Perhaps the game shouldn’t be purchased after all. Sounds like my money would be better spent on Shadow Wars. Thanks to James for the heads up!


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