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Co-founder of MediaMolecule picks Super Mario 64 as one of his three favorite games

I was working at Bullfrog at the time, doing the graphics for Dungeon Keeper. We had just moved from Peter Molyneux’s house into an office that was nearer the main office. (It’s a long story, but Peter wasn’t allowed to go into the main office…) Anyway, the point is there were about four or five of us alone in this pretty massive space, and in the evening we would play console games on a massive telly. When the N64 came in with Mario 64, we settled in for a massive session (I remember we got really stoned too), and I just remember us all being totally immersed and mesmerised by the game. It really felt like having a little remote control man and I still maintain that it’s probably the best example of a 3D platform game to date. There’s a bit where Mario falls down this really deep hole and I remember us all leaning back and going: “Whooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.” - Mark Healey, the co-founder of MediaMolecule

That’s both Gabe Newell and Mark Healey showing the love for Super Mario 64. Who’s going to be the next big-name dev to do so?


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