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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - more info

- characters still sometimes fade into view as you approach them
- interiors are now fully polygonal constructs
- Kokiri Forest shop now features a sign made from a giant leaf, bags of goods in the background, detailed posters on the far wall, a patterned rug and pots in the foreground
- can now equip 4 items (one to the X button, one to the Y button, and two to the touch screen)
- you can also activate your X and Y items by touching their icons on the touch screen
- first-person view toggled via touch screen
- move with circle pad, swing sword with B, perform actions with A, lock onto enemies with L, raise your shield with R
- Ocarina gets its own touch screen button and doesn’t need to be equipped to use
- play Ocarina notes via the touch screen or face buttons
- call up the song list directly from the ocarina-playing screen
- Malon’s room now features crayon drawings hanging from the wall, stuffed toys near her bed, flowers and other knickknacks on her nightstand, and a sketch of Malon and her dad on the wall behind some crates

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