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Miyamoto comments on 'Toon Link', knows many people don't like the style

This comment is Google translated, so don’t take it word for word…

“As for the Link, I call it “Link-eyed cat.” I’ll admit it took courage to enter this design more cartoon. In the end if we took this decision is that the time we really wanted to make a game typical Nintendo. An adventure that represents the soul of our society. So Link is a boy rather usual class, it was completely reinvented with a more streamlined look. Besides, it allowed us to create a real distinction between his adventures on home console and portable. Each has its own identity the coup and that is just fine. So yes, well I know, there are plenty of people who hate cartoon version … but there it is!” - Shigeru Miyamoto

I happy to really love Toon Link’s design, and I’m hoping we get to see another outing for that version on the 3DS. I think the portable would be able to closely match what we’ve seen in Wind Waker, and seeing another Zelda in a fully fleshed-out Toon version would be fantastic! Thanks to Starfoch for the heads up!


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