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A few more details on IGN's custom-built Wii successor

Last night we posted up a video from IGN that featured their own custom-built Wii successor. How did IGN come to decide what to include in their Wii successor? Let’s take a look at those details.

- IGN received details on the Wii successor’s design as well as specific hardware specs
- found comparable PC hardware available right now to mimic those specs
- Wii successor will feature a custom triple core CPU
- also packs in a graphics processor built upon AMD’s R700 architecture
- IGN’s custom-built Wii successor had the closest possible clock speed and power to that of the Wii successor
- IGN found a suitable motherboard and appropriate amount of RAM on their own
- upon seeing the final custom-built unit, IGN’s sources said that the Wii successor will see significant variation in the final produc
- the CPU is likely to be clocked above 3.2GHz
- GPU will feature a tweaked design
- total RAM is likely to be 1GB
- IGN spent $423.93


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