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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - Navi now annoys you with 'take a break' messages

Coming from Nintendo Power…

“…There are so many clear improvements in the 3DS release that it’s tough to quibble, but I could do without the extra comments from Link’s fairy companion Navi, whose distracting alerts were already borderline annoying in the original game. While she does sometimes give useful hints, more often then not she interrupts the game to repeatedly suggest that you take a break from playing or go watch a hint movie. Turning to her for advice when I’m hopelessly stuck only to get great tips like ‘Keep Moving!’ or ‘The barrier is blocking the door, there must be some way of opening it’ is like pouring salt into a wound.”

You would have thought that Nintendo would change Navi to make her less annoying, especially after all these years of complaints. Instead, it seems like they’ve taken her in a worse direction!


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