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3DS eShop/browser/DSi transfer details, 3D Block Kuzushi official site


3D Block Kuzushi official site

- includes 50 stages
- imagery uses silhouettes of women


3DS Web Browser - more screens

- will not support plugins like Flash, HTML5 or PDF
- zoom in on JPEG images by tapping and holding
- save images to SD and view in the 3DS Camera app
- can display 3D picture data in the MPO format
- store up to 64 favorites
- read into your SD card to upload pictures that you’ve taken with the 3DS Camera
- compatible with MPG, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP and ICO
- parental controls that limit internet use through the 3DS system setting
- free access to Digital Arts’ i-Filter for Nintendo 3DS, which allows for more specific restrictions


eShop details - more pics

- to start the eShop, click on the bag icon in your 3DS Home menu
- Look up information about games
- commercials and promo videos for Wii and 3DS games, popularity rankings, release date charts, and user voted “recommendation” rankings
- search for games by title name, keyword, popularity ranking, user recommendation ranking and other orders
- special features include software recommended by Nintendo
- Download new titles and classics


DSi to 3DS transfer details

- available June 7th
- transfer includes DSiWare games, your photo and sound data from DSi Camera and DSi Sound, and your Wi-Fi user information, including your Wi-Fi Connection ID
- DSiWare games and Wi-Fi Connection ID will be deleted from your DSi/XL
- copies of your pictures and sound data will remain in the original system
- update your 3DS to version 2.0.002 then download the free transfer app
- select to transfer individual items or transfer everything all at once
- select to transfer items from multiple DSi/XL systems on to one 3DS
- Japanese list of DSiWare that cannot be transferred
- once you’ve transferred data to the 3DS, it can’t be moved back.
- DSiWare save data and DSi Points cannot be transferred over
- save data will be deleted from the original DSi/XL system along with the DSiWare game

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