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EoD - Big N TV spots

EoD - Spin alley

EoD: Hybrid hardware

EoD - Amiibo collect

GN Podcast #493

EoD - Gaming flak

DSi to 3DS transfer - non-transferable DSiWare titles

- Art Academy First Semester
- Art Academy Second Semester
- Asphalt IV
- Crash-Course Domo
- Earthworm Jim
- Flipnote Studio
- Hard-Hat Domo
- Let’s Golf
- Nintendo DSi Browser
- Oregon Trail
- Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon
- Pro-Putt Domo
- Real Soccer 2009
- Real Soccer 2010
- Rock-n-Roll Domo
- Sudoku Student
- White-Water Domo

Thanks to Frank for the heads up!


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