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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - folk instruments, musical secrets, composers, arranged classic songs and more

- will feature orchestrated music as well as music created with folk instruments
- there’s a secret instrument that plays a big part in Skyward Sword
- sound director is Hajime Wakai
- core sound staff is from the Software Development Department at the main office
- Yokota-san and one other person from Tokyo are involved
- Yokota focuses in on the orchestra elements
- Kondo’s songs didn’t come into play until the last moment
- Kondo pulled an all-nighter to finish up his content
- Miyamoto believes orchestrated music fits better with Zelda than Mario
- Skyward Sword features updated orchestrated versions of some previous Legend of Zelda songs
- Yokota has been pushing for Zelda orchestra live events since he joined the company
- He was turned down multiple times, but that all changed with the series’ 25th anniversary
- Yokota already had tons of songs he wanted to see played live


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