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Jack Thompson blames video games for Virginia Tech shooting

I was debating on posting this or not. I didn’t want to trivialize the event by relating it to video games. I have received a ton of emails regarding Mr. Thompson’s comments, so I decided to go forward with it. While Mr. Thompson’s actions make me sick, I am much more saddened by the event itself. My heart goes out to the students, teachers, and entire state of Virginia…and anyone else that has been hurt by these events.

I’ve been following the coverage of the Virginia Tech shootings all day today, and have read multiple accounts of Mr. Thompson claiming that video games are the motivation for this horrible event. I find it absolutely disgusting that Mr. Thompson would come out so quickly after these events just to further his own cause. This is a time for grieving, not a time to place blame on anyone but the shooter(s). We don’t know any of the motivation behind this shooting, Jack Thompson is blatantly lying. He has absolutely no couth.

Mr. Thompson needs to be stopped not only for what he does to fans of video games, but for all the people in the public that he misinforms.

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