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Reader DBroad was nice enough to get me a scan of the page in question from ONM concerning online play for Mario Strikers Charged. The following is a word for word transcript of the two online questions.

ONM: Mario Strikers Charged is the first wifi game for the Wii in the UK. Has that put pressure on you to get it right?

MI: (Mike Inglehart, Next Level Games): Our main goal is to ensure a quality gameplay experience so we’ve had to make a lot of design choices that all us to deliver that. We’ve never had to compromise anything that’s limited our wifi feature set; this game is about multiplayer and thats’s been our focus from the beginning.

ONM: Will we be able to play people from all over the world or are we limited to specific regions?

MI: Wifi in Mario Strikers Charged is region specific so we can ensure a quality gameplay experience. The game is very twitch based and reactive, so it’s important for us to keep lag to a minimum.

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