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Mario Strikers Charged IS playable worldwide

Reader Sventiga sent me an email letting me know that European gaming magazine N-Zone has the first review for Mario Strikers Charged. The most interesting part of the article makes a point to clear up a rumor. Sventiga was nice enough to translate the paragraph for us.

“We want to clear up a rumor that is spreading around the internet: It is NOT true that you can only play against European gamers. If you have the Friend Code of a friend registered who is living on another continent you can play against them. The only problem is that you may suffer some lag issues.”

Well, that has to be the final say. I would hope a magazine that reviewed the game would have their facts straight. Just to confirm, I have seen the article in question and can confirm it to be real. I have posted a snippet below that shows the final scores they give the game.


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