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Rumor - Super Mario Galaxy coin preorder a Target exclusive?

We reported on a rumored Super Mario Galaxy preorder coin last week. We never actually had a confirmation of it, but now news comes in from reader (and Target employee) Natrino. Check out a bit of his email below.


I was looking at the new planograms for the electronics reset next month, specifically the video game planograms. In the line listings for the Nintendo planogram, there were two different item numbers for Super Mario Galaxy preorders. One said “with coin” in the item description. Keep in mind these numbers are just for the preorders, not for the actual items, and we probably won’t have the pre-order cards for another week or two, so I have nothing more to go on than this.

Is the coin going to end up a Target exclusive? What’s up with the two SKUs? Perhaps one with and without the coin, or maybe something else.

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