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*RUMOR* Wii to hit Germany in October?

Nintendo teases with a price point and launch date announcement…announcement and it drives the gaming community into a tizzy. Reports are coming in that the Wii may be hitting Germany, and Japan come this October. THQ just put out a release list that outlines titles they will be publishing. On this list is the SpongeBob Squarepants game that was playable at E3. The release list gives an October release date for the Wii version, along with all other versions. With THQ just releasing this list, many are wondering why the game is listed for October.

On top of that, Japanese site TechOn has some insider info (or so they say) that tells them to expect the Wii to launch this October as well. With THQ’s Spongebob title slated for October, and TechOn discussing an October release as well, could we actually be seeing the Wii on store shelves in time for Halloween?


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