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Nintendo says Sadness hasn't been officially announced yet

Reader Cottonwood wanted to see what Nintendo had to say about Sadness, since it is fresh in everyones’ minds again, thanks to their holiday card. Here is what a Nintendo customer service rep had to say.

At this time, Sadness has not been announced for release on the Wii console. Since this title would most likely come from one of our third-party licensees, I’d suggest contacting them for more information. Please go to the following link on our website for a complete list of licensee companies:


Once a game has been officially announced, our website’s Game List (http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/gameslist/gamelist.jsp) represents the best place to find the most accurate release dates. Once there, use the dropdown menus to narrow your search based on system, publisher, category, or ESRB rating.

Nibris may say that the game is coming to the Wii, but Nintendo doesn’t know anything about it yet. I am sure they’ve heard of the game, but as of right now it has no status with them.

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