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Square-Enix’s President Yoichi Wada talked to Nikkei, and in the interview he seems to gush on and on about the Wii. First off, he states that the main platforms that Square-Enix is focusing on are the Wii, DS, and PS3. Much of their capital, as well as infrastructure is set up for both Nintendo platforms.

Square-Enix is also taken aback by the runaway success of the Wii. They originally thought that the Wii and PS3 would live side-by-side, but now they say that the platform’s users will determine where Square-Enix goes. So basically, Square-Enix will be following where the money goes.

Lastly, Mr. Wada believes that his team can do a lot more with the Wii than has already been done. He would love to talk with Iwata about his ideas.

Man, remember when Wada had a couple negative things to say about the Wii (here and here)? Someone must have slipped something in his drink!


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