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Nintendo riding high on DS, releases worldwide software sales for first quarter

Thanks to the DS and DS Lite, Nintendo’s first quarter profits are up by 10% compared to last year’s profit. With this good news comes a future profit reforecasting, switching from 5.1 billion to 5.4 billion. Total software sales are up compared to first quarter last year…going from 5.3 million to 18.4, as well as hardware which went from 1.38 million to 4.54 million. Specifically, Nintendo announced that New Super Mario Bros. has sold through 3.82 million units thus far.

“On the handheld side they’ve been enormously successful with the touch-generation approach. The most recent data shows there has been an improvement in the North American market, with the introduction of DS Lite.” - Jay Defibaugh from Credit Suisse

Total sales of the DS worldwide have now topped the 21 million mark. Are you one of the lucky owners eating up all the DS gaming fun?

Nintendo also released information on software sales for all current Nintendo platforms for the first quarter of this year. Click the thumb below to enlarge, and check out the data.


Nintendo once again stated that their goal for the Wii is to sell 6 million Wii units, and 17 million units of Wii software by March 2007.

You can read a wrap-up of the entire report HERE(pdf). Thanks to Creamsugar for the link!

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